Finally, I finished something.

It turns out that when you have little time for crafting and you have many many works in progress, finishing things is a rarity. This week I actually really and truly finished something and it feels great. I’ve had these on the needles for a year, so it’s nice to check them off.

I wish I could say I got some super motivational powers that allowed me to finish these, but there were really two factors. One, the Olympics have slowed down my sewing. I feel like I want to park on the couch with my knitting during the Olympics. I didn’t sign up for Ravellenics or anything (too much pressure for me!) but I did get a lot more knitting finished than usual the last couple of weeks.

Second, I needed to throw some frustrated energy into something. After another school shooting in the USA last week, I felt like stabbing something with a needle as many times as possible. And this project is perfect. Literally creating these words with my hands, slowly, was a bit of a solace for me.

Without further ado, here are the beauties:

mittens yarn and coffee

I had never made stranded mittens before, and I learned so much. This pattern is by Bristol Ivy and it’s called Peace de Resistance Mittens. I saw a photo of Bristol protesting at the Women’s March of 2017 on Instagram and I had to have them.

She is also donating all proceeds from the pattern to some very worthy nonprofit organizations such as ACLU, Black Lives Matter, Standing Rock, etc etc. Check out the pattern page for the full list.

I definitely did a better job on the second mitten than the first. I’ve always wanted to make stranded mittens – I adore the traditional Norwegian ones, and especially the Latvian braids!

These are made with Rauma Finullgarn¬†which was a very sturdy, scratchy wool. Perfection for colorwork and will make mittens that will definitely hold up, but if I’m being honest, I didn’t enjoy knitting with it very much. I’m spoiled by modern, soft yarn options! It softened up a LOT when I blocked them so these mittens will be quite comfortable and warm to wear.

I magic looped these on Chiaogoo size 1 needles (my first project on these) and I LOVE the red cable. I’m definitely going to use these for my next pair of socks.

Now I just need to harness the victory energy I have from actually finishing something to finish MORE things… we’ll see.