The Webbing Method

So, like everyone else who crafts and spends time on the internet, I love a good YouTube binge. And in my travels I recently came across this video which outlines a new (to me, anyway) piecing method that comes from Karla Alexander.

I’ve had a quilt’s worth of half square triangles tucked away, waiting to be pieced.

Colorful Quilt blocks laid on floor

One worry I have is that in my house, once a quilt is laid out, I need to hurry up and get it pieced before a child or an animal comes in like a tornado and pushes the blocks all out of order. I decided to give the “webbing” method a try.

In the video, she describes adding each block one at a time. I could tell that wasn’t going to work for me in this case due to the weight of the blocks and also the blocks were beginning to try to twist a bit and get tangled as I was working. I decided to work three sets of four columns. That worked well and four was about the number of columns I could handle before the weight got too much. Once I had those three sets done, I knew I would have to do two somewhat unpleasant seams to connect them all.

I made a cup of tea, had some chocolate, took a deep breath and dove in. Those two seams (really a bunch of seams because each block is getting sewn as part of a big chain piece, but you get the idea) were fiddly as hell and at one point on the second one my husband walked past and said something like that looks like a giant mess – I had blocks all over myself and my table and they seemed to be a big messy pile with my hands and machine just sewing in the middle.

But I got through, and at the end I threw the web out onto my floor like a sheet and victoriously there was nary a twist.

Quilt blocks webbed together laying on floor

I considered how to continue piecing, but in the end I’ve decided to snip off and press and piece each row one at a time now. I want these blocks to look good and it’s worth the time.

I really liked this method! I think it would work especially well for individual blocks or if you have a small space and want to be able to pick up your quilt occasionally during the piecing process.

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