Remaking my 80s gold gas fireplace


I live…. in an eighties house. When we moved in it had honey oak trim and cabinets, particle board doors with bright gold knobs, mauve and peach paint, Hollywood makeup table light fixtures in my bathrooms (you know the ones…) and this fireplace:


We’ve eradicated some elements, the awful light fixtures, most of the peachy paint (I’ve got some vaulted ceilings above a staircase that I’ve been procrastinating…), but this fireplace remained. The gold is such a small element but as the focal point of the living room you first walk into when you enter my house, it drove me crazy. I like a clean, simple modern look.

Here’s an after picture:


I started by removing the gold pieces that came off easily. That turned out to be everything in the middle of the fireplace – everything but the gold border. The spray paint I used was this:

Once I got the center taken care of, I needed to do the edges. There was a nice gap between the fireplace and the brick hearth, so it was easy enough to use painter’s tape (if tedious.) Here’s a photo of the fireplace all taped off:

IMG_1246 (1)

I did try to spray some of the paint in a cup and brush it on first, but it came out really streaky and didn’t look right. They do make this paint in a pint option which may have worked better, but I’m cheap and I didn’t try. In the above photo I’ve taped like a mad woman and you can see I’ve already sprayed some of the gold border. I waited about an hour between coats and two coats was plenty.

I got most of the instruction I needed from this blog post I believe I found via pinterest:

I followed all the instructions other than roughing up my pieces. I forgot to do it and it seems to be fine.

I love my new fireplace! I’m slowly eradicating the eighties from this house…


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