Here there be drachenfels…

Drachenfels Shawl
It’s finally finished. This crazy, epic thing is finished. The pattern is Drachenfels by Melanie Berg. Color A was Malabrigo Sock in the color Cote D’Azur, Color B was Ella Rae Lace Merino (not sure the exact color, but it’s a cream/neutral), and Color C was Froebe Fibers in Big Sur Cooler. That one is a hand-dyed thing I picked up at a fiber festival in Vinton, IA several years ago. I put these colors together while imagining a beach somewhere. At the time I was busy at home with a newborn and dreaming of relaxing in the sun. Now, my daughter’s days away from two years old and we’ve been through more than one summer season.

For me, a working, breastfeeding, toddler mom, finishing this beast had become my nemesis. It sat in my craft closet, untouched, for the better part of a year. It was keeping me from other things. I always feel bad casting on too many wips.

But the rows had gotten pretty long, for me. I can say with

Golden Girls Tee Shirt
My sister showed up at my house in this t-shirt recently and I loved it so much!

authority that the final rows took me one episode of the Golden Girls to complete (the whole series is on Hulu right now – so funny!)

In any case, I decided to really focus and finish this sucker. As I was getting to the end it occurred to me that I had striped a hand-dyed yarn with a bare, and I began to get worried. I started testing options for blocking – luckily even a plain block didn’t seem to cause too much dye transfer (though the water turned BRIGHT turquoise!). I ended up using Color Catchers in the block and everything seems to have come out fine. I can’t imagine finishing such a huge piece only to have it ruined with the block. What a disaster that could have been.

I’m so glad this thing’s done. I’m focusing on finishing my only other current wip: my rainbow socks. And cruising Ravelry for shawls in DK weight and up….

Social Media Update

So in the last couple of weeks I’ve made some changes to my “online presence” if anyone can call it that. I decided to take my previously public twitter and instagram profiles private. It’s a tough decision, but ultimately I decided that only “most” but not “all” of the people who follow me are people I know in real life and I share way too many photos of my daughter to feel comfortable. I teach a class in online privacy and I know the risks and I wasn’t following my own advice. It’s just not worth it to chance that someone may track your location in real time. After tons of stewing over it I decided to go private. It would have been an easy decision except – I love being able to engage with people I don’t know online. In both the crafting and tech worlds, there are lots of things happening that I need a public profile in order to interact with.

So, separately from that problem, another thing I did recently was to change my ravelry name. I’ve been getting away from my old username on a lot of my profiles because it doesn’t have anything to do with crafting and it’s a holdover from junior high – so many things have changed and I loved it but it didn’t feel like me. It was also annoying to have to explain to people when I already have a first name that I have to explain.

My blog name had to change too. I want to start posting here more frequently and I do a lot more than just knitting.

So these issues became an opportunity. I picked a single name (which is actually a name I picked for an Etsy store I’ve never posted anything into, but I digress) and I started a new insta account, updated my rav profile, and now my blog handle. I am set up with wordpress which I’m super comfortable with, and we’re going to see how this goes.

So since the three people actually reading this know me “IRL” so to speak, hopefully it won’t be too confusing. I’m going to post M pictures to my old, private account and more or less everything else is going over to VeryGoodThreads. A trial balloon, or something.

Here we go.


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