On Warmth

Knitting is fun. Knitting is therapeutic. Knitting can provide opportunities for community, growth, and expression. However, in the end, knitting is about warmth. I knit a lot of things that are pretty, but lately I’ve been knitting my little fingers off because the weather’s turning and my family’s heads are literally chilly and in need of woolly goodness!

Last night I was doing up the final rows of the Antifreeze I’m making for Joe. There’s something to be said about finishing up a warm hat for someone just as the first snow of the year starts to fall outside your windows. We live in Iowa and winters here can be brutal. Last winter I felt sorry for him as he dutifully did our driveway over and over with his poor face wrapped several times in a store bought acrylic scarf he’s had since before we even met. I ventured to improve his situation. I grabbed a skein of Berroco Ultra Alpaca from Ben & Flo’s in Mount Vernon. It’s a plied wool/alpaca/acrylic blend which will make it super warm and super durable/washable. I knit it at a dense gauge as well.

I finished the bind off this morning and I didn’t even get the chance to do the edging before he snatched it for its first test run.

I asked him if he wanted his hood up over the hat and he said no way, he’d get too warm. I think that’s a success. In fact, he’s just come inside and declared his new hat to be the warmest piece of clothing he’s ever owned.

He’s a big Hawkeye fan, so when he lets me have it back to do the finishing I plan to use an old gold I’ve got in the stash around the edge of the face.

Miss Maya has already received one new hat; this one was sewn. It’s a jersey sweatshirt material on the outside lined with faux shearling. It’s pretty big but perfect for this intense weather.

I’m also working on a knitted hat for her from cream colored baby alpaca in a chunky weight. So far I’m just working on a 1×1 ribbing and making it up as I go. I’m not sure where I’m headed, but I know it will end in a pom pom! I’ve already knit one hat for her this year, a beautiful cobalt blue wool that was too small already when I finished it. Isn’t that just classic?

We’re having such a lovely snowy morning here in Iowa with cinnamon rolls and fresh coffee and jammies and naps and crafting. I hope you’re having a lovely morning too!


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