A New Project

Since M’s getting older (11 weeks!) and I have so much free time (insert Channing Tatum quantity of ‘ha has’ here) I decided to cast on a big new project. Knitting time has been few and far between so I’m kind of starting my project queue from scratch. After a lot of scoping and thinking last night I decided to bite the bullet and cast on the beautiful and popular Drachenfels shawl.

Now I’m a girl on a budget so I went stash shopping. I decided on these three skeins:

That’s Froebe Fibers, Ella Rae Lace Merino, and Malabrigo Sock. I almost went with a deep purple instead of the teal, and I still could because I haven’t gotten to that section of the shawl yet, but I like this color combination because it makes me think of the beach. Joe and I took a lovely honeymoon to Cancun several years ago and when I need a happy place to think of that’s where I go. The water really is this turquoise color. And of course the Ella Rae is the color of the sand. So this shawl will be wonderful to help me get through another Iowa winter. Of course, that would be contingent on me actually finishing it. We’ll see. 

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