On Charity Knitting and Craft Bazaars

So I’ve been working away on my cabled fingerless mitts, and have the first one finished except for the thumb. Plus I finished a really cute Bluebird of Happiness for our Christmas tree. Yes, it’s time to start thinking about it. No, I’m not ready. I’m considering stockings this year. Considering being the operative word there. I did buy this pattern because I was worried they’d discontinue it and I’ve always wanted to do a set of these in blue and white. We’ll see.

I’ve been browsing around Ravelry lately, looking for little projects that might be good for the Iowa City Public Library’s annual craft bazaar fundraiser. Here’s my tote bag from last year (pardon the background, I took these photos in my office.)

While looking for things to make, I discovered these adorable little woodland creatures:

They look fast to make, and I think they’d sell really well at the bazaar. The only problem: they’re crocheted. Luckily they weren’t
too complicated, and I was able to make a really cute bear version. I haven’t done the eyes and nose yet, and pardon my water bottle – it makes a poor stand in for a mason jar.


After I finished that one, I endeavored to try my hand at the fox.


I know it doesn’t look too bad from the photos, but let me tell you, it’s rough. The bear is passable, but the fox is making things pretty obvious I’m not a crocheter. I’ve already ripped it back several times. I also switched to half double crochet rather than single, because I got impatient, and I think that’s part of the problem. This one’s coming out much smaller than the bear. The other reason I switched away from single crochet is that I was having trouble reading where the end of my rounds were, and with HDC it’s easier.
I’m in debate mode – should I tink back to the edge of the base and cast on knitting on double points? I want these to look really really good since they’ll be for sale. If they were just for me, I’d have no quandaries, but when I want something handmade not homemade I have to knit it – I just don’t have the crochet skills yet to pull things off beautifully.
Definitely gonna keep practicing with dishcloths, though!

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