Things are multi-plying

I’m not a spinner.

I know a lot of knitters are, and I get it. I’ve held off for years because I honestly can’t imagine fitting anything else in. I always figured that if I got into spinning it would cut into my knitting time and energy, and we can’t have that. But your mind starts to play tricks on you, and I started thinking about all the things I’ve learned about wool and fiber over the years, and how if I learned spinning I would be that much more intimately in tune with my craft. So I considered it but continued to table the idea. In bigger cities all the shops seem to have beautiful braids of roving enticing you along with yarn. Back when I lived a more urban life, shopkeepers were always suggesting I “just try a drop spindle” to get going. And I begged off so many times. Once I moved to Iowa City it was easier – the LYS I hit frequently doesn’t really carry roving. I’d need to make a special trip out to Fae Ridge Farm (completely worth it, but I hardly ever seem to have enough free time on Saturdays). But I was at the auction for a (terribly sadly) closed yarn shop recently and they had very plain, simple Ashford drop spindles – a bucketful – going for $10 apiece. Now, I may not be a spinner, but I know a screaming deal when I see one, and I nabbed that thing.

But remember how I said that none of the yarn shops in Iowa City carry much in the way of fiber? So, out of sight, out of mind. The poor little thing sat there lonely and languishing in my stash closet in a bucket of needles for several months.

But I happened up to R. Rabbit’s on Saturday, the adorable little Cedar Rapids shop. If you haven’t been, definitely stop in. I got a beautiful skein of Juniper moon farms Herriot alpaca.

Yes, it’s neutral. Yes, again with the neutrals. People make fun of me. Someone has to love them so they’re there when all you other knitters need to stripe or do colorwork. Really I’m performing a valuable service.

Joe found a chair in the store. (He’s fine. He got to go to two different breweries and a hardware store also.)

I happened to mention my spindle sitting at home. Things at my house… well, they seem to have multiplied.

Rebecca was so nice to sit me down and teach me to park and draft. I can’t wait to get playing around with my new gadgets. I think it’s fair to say, I’m not a spinner – I wasn’t a spinner. But I might be soon…


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