Maybe hats are my socks.

A lot of knitters really love making socks. I even met a really cool girl who made them exclusively. She churned them out, with great prolificness, week by week. I was terribly impressed by her focus, and I appreciated the dedication it takes to continue to hone your craft by practicing the same skill over and over and over. I would pore over her rav page and marvel at the number of different patterns and types of sock yarn she had been lucky enough to get to try because of her dedication.

Of course I love socks for their portability as an in progress project. A sock on the go fits easily into a small bag and can be quickly whipped out on the bus or at the bar without the fuss of something like, say, a lace shawl or a sweater. I wish I could finish a pair quicker, if only because I’d also like to be able to try out all those fun sock patterns and types of sock yarn.

Dyers seem to have a bit more fun with sock yarn. When there’s an outrageous color combo that looks oh so fun to knit with but a little cray cray for wearing in public, I know I’m more willing to open my wallet if I know it’s destined for my feet.

But socks take me forever. And second sock syndrome is a very serious disorder that afflicts many and should probably have a charity to raise more awareness. And while I love having something with simple stockinette on the go that I can knit without looking and take to the movies and watch something with subtitles, double pointed needles sometimes cause my fingers to cramp up into a permanent claw shape. (Not a classy look, no matter what anyone tells you).

Personally, I’m a total sucker for hats. I can finish a hat much more quickly than a pair of socks, and I am so easily distracted by new patterns and yarn that speed is a real virtue in my knitting world. Hat patterns are just as varied and plentiful as sock patterns, and a hat in progress fits just as easily into my go bag with my ereader and everything else I seem to think I need to have with me everywhere I go.

And then one day, I stumbled upon this pattern: Sockhead Hat. It’s free on Ravelry. (I know, right?)

And so I picked a very very special skein of sock yarn that had been languishing in my stash due to my unwillingness to put such lovely fuzzy wuzzyness on my feet. (In this case Dream in Color with Cashmere, colorway Evening Flame 512).

I wanted a project that was mindless, simple, and portable, and the genie in a bottle that is Bohoknits granted my wish and then some. The project sits in the bottom of my WIP box, and every week or so I get one or two rows done on it. It’s the perfect backup straight stockinette project for the end of the day when I just want to put in a few stitches without thinking. Because it’s a hat and on a 16″ circular needle, to me it’s even better than always having a sock on the go on fiddly DPNs. And because the gauge is so fine, it seems to be a neverending project, which in this one and only very special case, I love. When it’s done, I’m sure I’ll cast on another so I can always have one ready for a few rows when I just need my knit fix without any hassle or fuss.

Maybe hats are my socks 🙂


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