On WIPs and FOs

I’ve managed to finish several things in the last week or so –

a baby blanket for the gift queue –

Let’s Do It, Let’s Fall In Love – 



some very squishy bulky weight mitts –

In the Name of Love –



a small pile of washcloths –

Sleep Now in the Fire – 


and one eensy, weensy baby hat for an upcoming shower –

Monkey Wrench (Rockabye Baby Lullaby Rendition)


So. All this finishing left me with how many WIPs? None. Zilcho. Zero.

I feel like I spend all my free time knitting away, trying to get to this enviable happy place of being literally done with all the things. But somehow this feeling of completion led to anxiety as I realized I had no idea what to do next. I spend so much time on Ravelry dreaming up future projects when I can’t otherwise be knitting, that the idea of spending free time at home when I CAN be knitting bummed me out!

I know I have a few zzz’ing projects tucked in a box in storage, and I grabbed one and ultimately decided to frog it. This took some time. I browsed ravelry. I perused my stash. It didn’t take long.

An impulse purchase at Vogue Knitting Live was the Grinning Gargoyle DK single ply in Espresso Bean to make up a Hoek pattern. Only a few times have I seen a sample like this and said, “THAT. I must have THAT.” But that’s exactly what I did. And it’s brilliant. This pattern is just what I needed. Squishy, fuzzy yarn on Addi turbos, and spicy pattern instructions.

Long Snake Moan


Now I have to figure out something that’s mindlessly stockinette. I wouldn’t want to try and bring something too complicated to knit at a movie or knitting group, would I? We all know how that story ends.


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