Vogue Knitting Live!

Last weekend my intrepid friend Kat and I ventured into her hometown of Chicago for Vogue Knitting Live, a tremendously impressive conference for knitters and fiber enthusiasts. There was definitely something for everybody! We went on Friday afternoon and again on Saturday, and the event was open on Sunday as well. There were so many vendors in the marketplace and neat things to see and do at every turn!

The event was in a beautiful historic hotel called Palmer House in Chicago. We saw so many different vendors – some of my personal favorites were Nerd Girl Yarns (she comes up with the greatest names for her colorways!) and The Grinning Gargoyle (I loved the Hoek sample she was wearing so much that I had to buy the yarn). There were many, many neat things to see and buy. I enjoyed people watching for all the handknits that wandered around – one of my favorite things about being around other knitters is getting stopped for the pattern you’re wearing or having the urge to stop others. I picked up tons of great ideas and more than my share of new wool. There were some fiber celebrities in attendance, free patterns, and beautiful fiber art. I put up some photos here:  http://imgur.com/a/TKR5G

That’s some incredible crochet art by Ashley Blalock in the first photo. Next is my friend getting a book signed by Ysolda Teague (the impressive Saturday Treat, check it out!), followed by fashion shows from Koigu, Skacel, and Malabrigo, and a shot of the Palmer House Lobby as seen from the top of the escalators.

If that wasn’t enough, we also managed to find time for Loopy yarns, Windy Knitty, and an incredible notions store called Soutache (I picked up some lovely vintage buttons and ribbon for drawstring project bags).

the button wall at Soutache in Chicago

Kat and I declared ourselves “fiber drunk” and the weekend a success!


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