Color infection…

There’s a new virus sweeping the streets my friends. No one is immune. You’ll notice it first in the yarn shop. A happy, unassuming knitter will start to judge yarn by whether they can find three complementary colorways. They might even make a purchase of three colors that are quite striking together. It’s happening everywhere; nowhere in the world is safe from this dreadful curse. I’m speaking, of course, of the Color Affection. I first noticed on ravelry that, goshdarnit, an awful lot of people seem to be casting this on. Then every blog I read seemed to be about this interesting pattern. Finally, yarnharlot had a post which involved photos of many many knitters holding up the evidence of their affliction. It seems everyone’s involved. I must confess, I’ve been eyeing the pattern for awhile. It just looks so snuggly and modern and, well, perfect. It allows knitters to combine three of their favorite passions (which almost never happens all in one project) – beautiful color combos, an interesting pattern that isn’t too hard (it’s garter stitch after all), plus the ultimate yummy yum cherry on top bonus – a lovely finished product that we’ll actually want to wear. Finding a pattern that combines all these elements is like that rare gem, harvested through some miraculous window of opportunity that happens just once in a blue (and grey and white, those three colors would look great together) moon.

Of course I’m not immune. I’ve been pondering my own options. I’ve been drooling over the Tosh color Filligree for some time, but haven’t found a way to use it. I usually prefer very neutral colors for the things I make myself, but this pattern allows me to get a pass and incorporate a strong variegate with a couple of neutrals for a still classic finished look. Here’s what I’m pondering now…

This is Tosh Merino light in Filligree, Antique Lace, and Composition Grey. Of course I’m looking at web colors – I’d just love to see them in person. I’m not jumping on anything yet, though. I think the joy of this pattern is it gives you a license to look at color in ways we don’t often get to try. Knitters love color so much, and this gives us the ability to showcase color through an endless series of combinations. Drawing out the process for choosing colors for this pattern is going to be just as enjoyable as knitting the thing up itself. I may never cast it on. I may go for years, enjoying knowing that oh, someday, I’ll find the perfect, epic combo of three lovely colors and I’ll blissfully continue searching through the years. Luckily, that’s half the fun…


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