A Knitter’s Dilemma

So I cast on some very plain toe up, two at a time socks. I cast on 8 stitches. I increased 4 stitches per round. I calculated my gauge. I measured my foot. And somehow, three inches up, I was way off on my gauge, and the socks were way too big. I didn’t account for the stretchiness of the fabric. It also turned out I mismeasured my foot by about a half an inch. In any case, I needed about ten fewer stitches than I had.

At this point, I faced a dilemma. Elizabeth Zimmerman’s eternal wisdom says that when we make a pair of socks that don’t fit, we should just give them to someone else and move on. I had been rocking and rolling on these socks, and I was all excited about speeding through them. I also (selfishly) wanted them for myself. My husband suggested I just finish them as is and give them to him (so helpful).

I had to put them down. I couldn’t face the decision. I’m sure every knitter goes through this on occasion. Should I rip back, or just keep going?? I contemplated a stiff drink. I paced around the house, grouchily mumbling about clutter that needed to be picked up. I tried to remember if we had any chocolate around.

In the end, I frogged back the socks that very evening. I decided it was like a band-aid that needed to be ripped off, and the sooner I took care of it, the better I’d feel. I turned out to be right (I’m just the best..).

I was sure to wrap the frogged yarn around my skeins. This way, as I knit on again, I’ll know the minute I’ve caught up to the mistake. The Yarn Harlot recently wrote a blog about that gratifying feeling when you finally catch up to your previous mistake, and I completely agree with her.


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